Company presentation:

Baner Tools is a leading innovative cutting solutions company for all applications of wood-based composites, panel and non-wood materials. With more than 30 years of international experience producing high quality workmanship, the Baner Tools team can help to design, develop and manufacture the perfect tool to deliver maximum results.
With an extensive international distribution network and large production capacity, Baner Tools can offer both standard and custom-made tooling solutions for all kinds of machinery at the most competitive price.

Benefits of engaging Baner Tools:

  • High quality tools with detailed technical documentation
  • Professional advice ranging from traditional to CNC based machinery
  • Excellent Price-Performance Ratio
  • Tailored bulk-buying discounts and solutions
  • Fast and efficient deliveries
  • Next day delivery guaranteed for stocked items
  • Maximum of 10 working days for special tools
  • Maximum of 15 working days for complex groups of toolsets
  • 300+ catalogued and standard items to choose from
  • Training for better safety efficiency and tool maintenance
For an obligation free quote or advice on your business needs: